The Jiangsu Huayi Co., Ltd., located in the Yangtze River Delta region, is next to the former site of the Jiangnan headquarter of the New Fourth Army. In another word, this company is settled in the Qianma industry concentration zone in Liyang, which just takes 1-2 hours to get to Nanjing, Shanghai and Hangzhou. Because of the convenient and accessible traffic, it only needs half an hour to get the national 4A-class tourist resort ---Tianmu Park. 

  The company occupies more than 30,000 square meters with over 12,000 square meters for factories. With a total investment of more than 5000 million RMB, the company has a highly qualified and highly skilled workforce. Nowadays, we have employed more than 60 employees, 5 professional technicians, 10 senior technicians and 8 professional administrative staff.

  In this part, we would like to introduce our main equipment: a single 6-ton electro-hydraulic hammer, 2T electro-hydraulic hammer, 1 ton air hammer, 750Kg air hammer. At the same time, we also own various types of finishing machines, heat treatment furnace, forging furnace, band sawing and so on. Meanwhile, some physical and chemical laboratories are equipped to complete metallographic analysis, mechanical analysis, ultrasonic testing and chemical analysis.

  The company mainly produces various types of membranes forgings, and the annual production capacity is up to 15,000 tons. Here lists our main products: alloy steel forgings, stainless steel forgings, tool steel, carbon structural forgings, bearing steel forgings, special steel forgings. At the same time, we also manufacture major ancillary products: transmission machinery, petroleum machinery, lifting machinery, metallurgical machinery, feed machinery, construction machinery and so on. We promise and warmly welcome to provide various and qualified forgings.

  The company has completely qualified assurance system and reliable production process system. Since the company has continuing successfully passed the ISO9001 international standardized quality management system certification and the increasing development year by year, we have receive a great amount of praise for our good quality ,stability and excellent service.

The company always insists in three rules: the first one is that we regard the quality as the life of the enterprise; the second is innovation, and development is the unchangeable theme of the enterprise; finally, customer satisfaction is our continuing pursuit.

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